Welcome to Bar Gallery, maker of custom bars and bars for home entertainment. View our gallery to see existing bars, or use our customize it feature to design a bar of your own. All of our bars are custom made to order. This means you can get exactly what you want.


CustomizeIT is a feature at Bar Gallery that lets you design your own bar and get exactly what you like. From the size, shape, and materials to the features, add-ons and extras, customizeIT is what you make of it.

What to Customize?

  • style of bar, i.e freestanding, wall unit, built-in, portable, two-tier
  • size of the bar, choose dimensions of your liking or to fit a location
  • materials for the bar, use wood, laminate, metal, solid surface, granite
  • finish of the bar, stain, paint, clearcoat
  • components of the bar, add glass, mirrors, hardware, lighting

Why Customize?

  • To fit a specific area in your house.
  • To match exisiting furniture or decor.
  • To have a unique and distinct bar.
  • Because you can't find what you really want anywhere else.

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